Together with an instrument rating, the Commercial Pilot Certificate opens many doors to a flying career. Your commercial flight training will teach you how to operate a more sophisticated, complex aircraft, with retractable landing gear, a variable pitch propeller and more power than the trainer you used for primary training. You will learn to fly to closer tolerances and venture further away to airports on cross‐country flights. Should you decide an aviation career isn’t for you, the Commercial certification can still provide you with additional skills to further make you a safer and more confident pilot.

Certificate Prerequisites      

- 18 Years of Age at Completion

- Must Hold a Private Pilot Certificate with     Instrument Rating (Or the commercial pilot   certificate will be limited to day and the transport   of passengers less than 50 miles)

- Read, Speak, Write, and Understand English

- Be a US Citizen or have TSA Clearance

- Hold an FAA Medical 

Training Requirments

The FAA requries students to log a minimum of 250 Flight Hours (Or 190 hours under Part-141) to be eligible for the Commercial Pilot Certificate. You will also complete more cross country flight operations. You will also log 10 hours of Complex Aircraft time.

These are minimum times, and you may require more hours to be profecient. You will also be requried to pass an FAA knowledge test before your checkride. You will prepare for this in Ground School.

During your training you will be assigned an instructor who will navigate you to success and walk you through the specfic requriements for each flight.



We do not requrie a deposit or require you to prepay for your course to start training. Rather, we bill you by the hour.

This "Pay as you go" model allows you to pay for your traning throughout the course rather than all at once. You will be billed per flight hour and your instructors time. A breakdown of airplane and instructor pricing can be found in the Pricing tab. 

The total cost for the Commercial Pilot Course averages at $18,000. However this can vary, either higher or lower, based on proficiency.