At Legends Aviation Academy, we offer two Flight Instrcutor Courses; The Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Instrument Certfied Flight Instructor (CFI/I) Course. The CFI course will prepare you to become a flight instructor and you will be eligible to teach student pilots pursuing their sport, private and commercial certificate. The CFI/I Course will prepare you to teach instrument students pursing an instrument rating. 

Being a Flight Instructor is one of the most rewarding careers in aviation. It is usally one of the first paid flying positons most pilots start in to build experiance, hwoever many choose to remain an Instructor for life!

Please allow a minium of two weeks to complete each course.

Certificate Prerequisites      

- 18 Years of Age at Completion

- Must Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating. 

- Must hold a CFI for the CFI/I Course

- Read, Speak, Write, and Understand English

- Be a US Citizen or have TSA Clearance

- Hold an FAA Medical 

Training Requirments

Each Instructor Course is roughly two weeks in length. The majority of the course is ground and partical experience learning how to teach and instruct student pilots.

You will also be requried to pass an FAA knowledge test including the Foundations of Instruction Test.   


We do not requrie a deposit or require you to prepay for your course to start training. Rather, we bill you by the hour.

This "Pay as you go" model allows you to pay for your traning throughout the course rather than all at once. You will be billed per flight hour and your instructors time. A breakdown of airplane and instructor pricing can be found in the Pricing tab. 

The total cost for the Initial Flight Instructor Course averages at $6,000. The CFI/I Course averages at $3,000. However this can vary, either higher or lower, based on proficiency.