Cessna 150

Max cruise speed Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) Practical Ceiling Range
105 kts (194 km/h)42 kts (78 km/h)12500 ft (3810 m)475 nm (880 km)

Aircraft Profile : Cessna 150

Legends Aviation Academy operates Cessna 150's as our preferred primary time building aircraft. That means we recommend building time in this aircraft while gaining your ratings in our P2008 and P2010 for your instrument and commercial course. However, you can remain in the C150 if you so desire for all courses, except for your instrument course.

Our C150 is well equipped with standard "six-pack" avionics, along with a VOR receiver and ADS-B out, you can take this plane anywhere. This two-seat trainer is designed for all your flying needs. With an all-metal fuselage and powered by the durable 100 horsepower Continental O-200, the C150 has a max cruise of 98 knots.

Utilizing a yoke for pitch and roll, the C150 is very responsive to control manipulations by the pilots in the seat, making for a great training aircraft. The C150 also utilizes traditional mixture control system, a tried and true system for training aircraft.

Whatever the lesson may be for the day, the C150 is sure to perform at the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and comfort. For more photographs, please view the gallery below.

Photo Gallery

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