Tailored Pilot Training Programs that Meet your Needs

Legends Airways offers pilot training at all levels under both Part-141 or Part-61 training. Whether you come to us as a zero time student pilot or as an experienced military or commercial aviator, we have tailored courses that can meet your needs in an efficient and affordable manner. There is no better time than now, to start achieving your goals and becoming a Legend.

Our team specializes in producing safe, responsible, and professional aviators. We accomplish this by ensuring that you meet and exceed the requirements for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensure in the United States. Our training programs are designed to ensure you are ready to succeed in your pilot journey. All of our instructors, dispatchers, and staff are available to meet your needs as a student, and we are backed by the success and accomplishments of our Alumni.

We provide our students multiple avenues to accomplish their pilot training, either under Part-61 or Part-141. Both course paths lead to the same pilot licenses and ratings, however, our Part-141 curriculum is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and adheres to a structured syllabus. This path is best for those who are able to commit to a more full time training schedule and who’s ultimate goal is to be a professional aviator. Part-61 training still meets all the requirements set forth by the FAA, however, it is a more flexible training plan for students who desire to train on a more part-time basis.

We offer our Private Pilot Course, Instrument Rating Course, Commercial Pilot Course, and Instructor Pilot Courses under Part-141 and Part-61.

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